Write for BioWeb.ie

BioWeb.ie is a website for enthusiasts of environmental, zoological and botanical-related fields to promote their work and themselves. The site’s goal is to provide a platform for people to post their research, essays and opinion pieces so these aspiring environmentalists can publish their work. Our mission is to build a free and open online resource for people in environment-related fields. We are looking for people that want to write and promote their work.

Why write for BioWeb.ie:

  • BioWeb.ie provides a platform to showcase your work. We want your BioWeb.ie articles to be seen by plenty of people so we will share it through our social networks and include it in our newsletter.
  • Writing about your area of interest on BioWeb.ie also leaves the door open for people with similar interests to make contact with you. The comments section below each article allows your work to be openly discussed.
  • BioWeb.ie provides the option for a link to your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, further promoting yourself and your work.
  • Writing online shows potential employers your ability to write, think creatively, make valid arguments and back these up with facts.
  • Writing an article about your research/interests/opinions also shows potential employers that you are passionate enough about your career field to take the time to publish content online. Through your writing you can demonstrate your enthusiasm, passion and knowledge for a subject.
  • You can also conveniently share your work on BioWeb.ie with others using your author link: https://bioweb.ie/author/cormac


Guidelines for BioWeb.ie articles:

Make your title stand out
Social Media Example
A link to previous BioWeb.ie article posted on Facebook. Collie had an interesting title and simple one-liner that described his post well.
  • Create a funny, emotional, edgy, or surprising headline to capture the reader’s’ attention.
Your article
  • Make sure your article is a minimum of 200 words.
  • Include one sentence statement that profoundly describes your article. This will be shown when your article is posted on social media and in our newsletter.
  • If possible make an emotional connection or employ the wow factor.
  • Include links to references when used.
  • Find an image relevant to your article. Your image must be large and at least 600px in width. Please source an image you own or have permission to use. You can also use images under a Creative Commons license. You can search for those using the Creative Commons Image Search. Give the name of the image’s owner, whether it is you, a colleague or a Creative Commons licensee.
Other required information
  • A short biography for your author box. This will be shown at the top of your articles.
  • A profile picture (180px X 180px). This will also be shown in your author box. If you create an account on BioWeb.ie using the social media links then your profile picture from your social media account will be used.
  • Links to social media accounts or other sites where people can contact you or view other work by you. This is optional but is a good way to promote yourself and your work.
  • An email address. This is to create your account on BioWeb.ie and will not be made public.

Please send the above in a Word or text document to info@bioweb.ie with separate image files. Indicate in the text where those images should go. 

In light of controversial news stories about Facebook and Google using people’s data, we would like you to know that whatever you write belongs to you. If you would like it edited in future or even removed from the site you are welcome to email us at any time.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.