Climate Strikes: The World’s Youth Fight for their Future

Climate activist Greta Thunberg and former US president Barack Obama meeting. (Photo courtesy of MAX MODÉN
Climate activist Greta Thunberg and former US president Barack Obama meeting. (Photo courtesy of MAX MODÉN

Will this be the generation to stop climatic and biodiversity meltdown or not?

Joe and I began discussing the possibility of starting a podcast series not so long ago. We thought an interesting aspect (gimmick) to our podcast would be chatting to one another via Skype, from almost directly opposite sides of the planet, Norway and South Africa respectively. We hope this helps emphasize that environmental/climatic/biodiversity issues are global and borderless issues. It’s a (slow) work in progress and here for you now is our first conversation, chatting about the phenomenon of the extinction rebellion groups and climate change school strikes. We have a focus on the young climate activist Greta Thunberg and her huge appeal to so many different people around the world, beginning to force governments to focus on the climate chaos and the massive biodiversity loss (considered the 6th mass extinction). We discuss Greta’s appeal, her ability to seem completely independent, but also working alongside all other parties with a Green Agenda. The discussion also looks at the “climate sceptics and climate change deniers”, trying (and hopefully failing) to slow the momentum of this global movement.

Most importantly, we speak about how we are both full of hope and positivity towards these movements and we both very much hope, for the planets sake, that we aren’t mistaken.


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Joe is something of an odd crossover between the world of natural sciences and the liberal arts. After completing a BSc in conflict history from the University of Oslo, Joe transferred into the world of natural sciences. First he studied for his BSc in Biology at the same university, and later he completed his MSc in tropical ecology at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences working with crocodiles in Belize. Joes main interests are mostly related to large predators, their behavior, interactions with humans, and anything relating to their biology and physiology. Basically, if it’s big and potentially dangerous, Joe finds it interesting. Luckily all his interests came together as he now works with mediation of the interhuman conflicts in Norway, so called human-predator conflict, as a predator consultant and communications professional.
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  1. Ich finde es gut, dass die Jugend das Thema “Klimawandel” anpackt und vielleicht den ein oder anderen Verantwortlichen zum Nachdenken anregt.Auch wenn das ein langer Weg ist. DEr mensch muss langsam begreifen, dass wir nur einen Erdball haben und sorgsam mit Ihm umgehen müssen

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