About Natasha Murphy
Natasha found her passion for birds and raptors at a young age, with many childhood bird books dog-eared and filled with notes, observations and quotes from Sir David Attenborough. A career in zoology and, specifically, raptor biology became a dream and eventually a reality, with opportunities to work on Peregrine diet and nesting success, raptor aviculture in the UK, raptor migration counting in Italy, ringing/wing-tagging Red Kites and researching the habitat requirements of the threatened Hen Harrier in Ireland. Falconry was also a life-time ambition and Natasha is a member of the Irish Hawking Club. As both a falconer and an early career raptor biologist, Natasha’s research interests include wildlife management, aviculture, falconry as a conservation tool, predator-prey interactions, raptor conservation, raptor ecology and behaviour, detection rates & monitoring techniques for raptors, tackling wildlife crime and human-wildlife conflicts.
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Sex, Drugs and Falcons: The Illicit Falconry Trade

January 19, 2017 1

“Falconry” or “hawking” can be defined as the art and sport of hunting in a natural state with a trained bird of prey. Since 2010, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has […]


Ireland’s International Falconry Meet

November 28, 2016 0

This year Ireland hosted the International Association of Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF) Annual Council of Delegates meeting. The Irish Hawking Club was more than delighted to host the 47th Annual Council […]