About Marta Panero
I am a passionate multilingual marine biology student at James Cook University, Australia, strongly interested in pursuing a career in marine conservation and evolution of sharks and reef fishes. I am originally from Italy, but I have lived around the world, starting in Central America as a scuba diving instructor, throughout Asia and Europe, to end up in magical Australia. I will be soon applying for a masters where I could develop my ideas of research in the marine field and, thus, fulfilling my dream. I have a particular passion for seahorses because I have been diving all my life in the North of Italy (Caponoli) whose waters are inhabited by these special creatures. Hence, by observing them since I was very little, I have developed a particular interest in knowing their features and life history traits. I am indeed a very keen underwater photographer. In fact, I have created a blog (@theseanditscreatures) where I post my personal underwater pictures. My goal is to actually do something to conserve our ocean and the magnificent creatures that inhabit it. I strongly believe that we all should take action towards saving our planet, starting with the oceans because if there is no oceans there is no Earth.
Species of seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) of the coast of Northern Italy (Caponoli); IUCN Red List: endangered. (Credit: Marta Panero @theseanditsreatures).

Seahorses, some of the most unique sea creatures

April 11, 2019 0

Morphological features and vulnerability Seahorses are unique creatures, immediately standing out for their morphological features. The upright posture, head bent down at an angle and the small mouth at the end of their snouts are […]