About Marina Mulligan
I’m a recently qualified Conservation Biologist with an MSc in Conservation & Biodiversity from Uni. of Exeter. Growing up as a nature enthusiast, I originally planned to be a vet at the age of four but quickly discovered the study of animal behaviour when I was a little older and decided that was the route I wanted to pursue. I have experience in both marine and terrestrial zoology and conservation and love to travel. After completing my undergrad in Zoology, I carried out an internship with the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project in Borneo and from this my interest in conservation on a worldwide scale has grown (I’ve had the opportunity to work in Asia, Africa and Europe). I’ve recently started a conservation and photography blog called Lions and Tigers and Bears…but why?, feel free to criticize; I’m new to this thing. Whether it be photography, work, hobbies or chill-time you’ll mainly find me in the outdoors – I think I’m addicted!
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