About Katharina Happel
After an MSc in Biology and another in ‘Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy’, I would now describe myself best as environmental scientist. I am currently working at a regional group of Friends of the Earth Germany and I am co-founder of the ecoholic blog facing-change.org. There, my general aim is to provide information and inspiration about changes - environmental changes we need to face, but also changes in attitudes that could help to make the world a better place. My stories contain environmental-related facts, (apparently) irrelevant anecdotes and always a little bit of myself. It’s my personal mission against consumer society and for a greener attitude towards life.

Peatlands: The Cinderella among eco-systems

August 11, 2016 0

This article was reproduced from facing-change.org. Since I wrote my master thesis about peatlands, I not only learned a lot about these fascinating ecosystems, but I also realised that a lot of people do not […]


The reason for me being an optimist

August 5, 2016 0

This article was reproduced from facing-change.org. To be honest, there are situations that make it difficult to keep the head up and not just give the whole world my finger. Good news like Donald Trump […]