About George Wykes
George’s fondest memories as a young boy are being taught the difference between a green shank and a red shank while bird watching with his grandfather and later one Christmas being presented with his very own bird table. Since then, he has been fortunate that his passion for wildlife has seen him participate in conservation projects in unforgettable locations and have some once in a lifetime wildlife encounters, seeing a huge male jaguar feeding on a fresh green turtle kill will take some topping. George recently completed an MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice at UWE and his current interests include rewilding, spatial ecology, biodiversity surveying and reducing human – wildlife conflict.
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Image 2 A Metriorhynchus (Image credit Wikipedia)

A living fossil – A look into the past

May 2, 2019 0

Crocodilians have been portrayed in a poor light indefinitely. Rarely are complimentary words such as ‘majestic’ or ‘survivor’ used to describe them, and their case certainly has not been aided by those who in their […]