About Alba Alonso Adame
Alba is a Spanish environmental scientist specialized in Botany and floral colour patterns in angiosperms. She also studied an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology in Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain) due to her great interest in wildlife conservation. Alba has been working in Pablo de Olavide University at the Botany department in the identification of different Mediterranean species. The last year of her bachelor’s degree, she went on an internship with SEO/Birdlife, the Spanish Ornithologist Association. Since then, Alba started participating as a volunteer in different conservationist activities to protect and conduct research on different birds’ species.

The barn owl, Bird of the Year 2018 in Spain

November 21, 2018 0

The Spanish Ornithologist Association (SEO in Spanish), along with Birdlife International, have granted the barn owl (Tyto alba) the title of Bird of the Year 2018. This title is selected annually by a public poll […]