The scientist behind citizen science

June 30, 2016 0

Any number of definitions can be found for ‘citizen science’ but generally they are thought of as volunteers collecting scientific data which will be then used for research, conservation or management of species or groups. […]


How Sunlight Liquid saved a spitter!

June 28, 2016 0

Last week I went to a home in Springfield, to remove a young Mozambique Spitting Cobra out of a drain pipe. I bent down to look at the trapped snake, with my visor protecting my […]


Giant plants, giant problems!

June 22, 2016 0

Nothing makes fieldwork more amusing that shouting ‘Hang on, I’ll use myself for scale!’ when trying to photograph giant invasive plants. This summer I am working on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust […]


Working with crocs in a frozen world

June 16, 2016 0

Crocodiles may not be the first creature that comes to mind when you think of Norway. And if you are Norwegian you are most likely never going to see, let alone, handle a croc. So […]

ID Guide

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) — ID Guide

June 14, 2016 1

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) – Ruithéal rí – Geraniaceae Herb-Robert (Geranium robertianum) is perhaps one of our best known native wildflower in the Geranium family. This beautiful little pink flower is accustomed to growing in […]


Immersed in the world of the Crocodile

June 7, 2016 0

This May, from the 22nd to the 28th, I was extremely fortunate to have attended, all thanks to Professor Downs, the IUCN crocodile specialist group (CSG) 24th working meeting at Kruger National Park. For me […]


Wildlife highlights of the Queensland Coast

June 1, 2016 0

I had always wanted to visit Queensland. A place where rainforest literally meets the sea is probably top of most people’s lists. A trip to visit a friend in Melbourne developed and extended into a […]