Elaine O'Riordan
About Elaine O'Riordan
Elaine O’Riordan works in the Zoology Dept of NUI Galway as the Project Officer, supporting final year undergraduate students in their research projects. She also runs and teaches on the International Summer School in Ecology at NUI Galway. Elaine has a broad interest in all areas of natural history but has a particular fondness for bats and of course hedgehogs. She has recently embarked on a part-time PhD on the Ecology of the Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus in Ireland. Prior to this, she worked for several years as the Galway County Biodiversity Officer. She has a MSc in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management from UCC and BSc (Hons) in Marine Science from NUIG.

Counting Hedgehogs

June 18, 2020 0

It is fair to say that hedgehogs are one of our (Ireland’s) best-loved animals. While no such surveys have been carried out in Ireland, the humble hedgehog has topped several popularity contests in the UK […]