Braden Wilkinson
About Braden Wilkinson
My name is Braden Wilkinson, I live in South Africa and am in my late twenties. I have always had a passion for the natural environment and its conservation. I have a National Diploma and a Degree in Nature Conservation. I am a keen birder and love discovering new species. I have a blog called Exploring Conservation, where I look at conservation issues happening around the world and what is happening about these issues. I use peer reviewed journal articles to be scientifically accurate and news articles to stay current. However still writing and describing aspects in a way that everyone will understand. I also discuss ways in which you as an individual can help conserve and save the earth in small ways.

Safeguarding our Ivory – what will it take?

October 24, 2018 0

Mikumi National Park – Tanzania, the elephant staggered and collapsed over in the tall grass in Southern Tanzania, where some of the world’s worst poaching happens. It wasn’t a poacher who targeted her, but a […]