• Environment

    The Alluring Fly Agaric

    One of the most iconic, magical and frequently drawn fungi is surely the beguiling Fly Agaric. Standing proud in the forest like a radiant flame amongst dead leaves and decaying logs, Fly Agaric was so [...]
  • Figure 2: The Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) is by far the most common snake I relocate in the Townsville region. This relatively large python species thrive in human-altered habitat because of the abundance of rodents that follow human development.

    Scaling down a Scaly Conflict

    Australia is well known to support a diverse and large fauna of potentially deadly animals, and when people think about Australia it is only natural to think about snakes. […]

  • Zoology

    Counting Hedgehogs

    Fig 1. A young hedgehog on its merry way (creative commons stock photos – Dreamstime.com CC0) It is fair to say that hedgehogs are one of our (Ireland’s) best-loved animals. While no such surveys have [...]

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